Happy Birthday To T-ARA’s newest member & maknae, Areum!


April 19, 1994. It’s been almost a year since you debuted. I won’t pretend i liked you at first..I would even go so far as to say that i really disliked you. I remember when i first heard about you entering the group i was iffy about it. It seemed pretty unnecessary to me, but i figured i would wait it out and see what you had to offer. It turns out you have not only a good voice but an amazing personality as well..you are so silly and fun in my opinion, and i love how you are always joking around. You are starting to rival Hyomins position as 4D queen haha. I think recently that you have finally started to adjust more to being a celebrity and being more comfortable with yourself and your image. Since you have joined T-ARA, you have done absolutely nothing but work your ass off to prove yourself..and now almost a year later i would say that you’ve finally won my heart. Learning 3 years of choreography, lines, as well as beginning to learn how to rap, and just in general adjusting to the group. You joined during an extremely heated and controversial time for T-ARA and so the pressure was definitely on for you to prove yourself. And you know what? You did it. You not only did it but you did it with a huge smile on your face. And you continue to show me new sides of yourself, you continue to prove it every day. I grow to respect you more and more as time goes on and i’m so proud of you. More proud than you could ever know. I can’t wait for what kind of image you’ll show in T-ARA N4. So happy birthday Lee Areum! I hope all your dreams come true.

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